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City says plastic bags not solution for nuisance geese

CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Clinton neighborhood has run afoul of geese. A 1 Garaywa Road resident has had enough and seems to have found an answer. Unfortunately her neighbors and the City of Clinton don't find it very appealing.

Wanda Clay lives in the Countrywood Subdivision in Clinton and for the past four years has been fighting an ongoing battle against flocks of geese.

She said up to 40 walk through the neighborhood eating grass, damaging plants and of course leaving unsightly and unhealthy waste.

"I am tired of having to clean up poop every morning," said Clay. "They are eating my grass. They are pooping in my yard, in my driveway, on my patio. Geese carry disease. it is an airborne disease," said Clay.

It was a problem until Sunday when the retired teacher researched a solution on line. The 30 year resident placed plastic bags along a border around her property.

"I tied the bags on there because they do not like things that flutter in the wind. So the bags scare them," said Clay.

"I do not like sitting on my swing on my back porch looking at grocery bags flying in the wind, but it keeps the geese out," said the frustrated homeowner.

The birds have avoided her lawn as they waddle throughout the neighborhood.

But Monday Clay said Roy Edwards with Clinton Community Development told her the small fence was against the city ordinance, and the bags had to go.

"I told him that I won't take it down, and I told him that he could not come on my property and take it down and that I was gonna leave it up," said Clay. "When the geese leave I'll take it down."

According to experts, the water fowl can produce up to a pound and a half of feces per day.

"Who is responsible? Who can take care of it," she asked.

It is illegal to kill or harm Canada Geese or disturb their nests. Doing so incurs fines of $5,000.00-$10,000.00.

We contacted Clinton Community Development and the Clinton Public Works Department, but our calls requesting comment have not been returned.

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