7-foot gator caught near swimmers in Bay St. Louis

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Swimmers weren't the only ones in the water near the Washington Street Pier in Bay St. Louis Thursday. Bay St. Louis Fire Department Assistant Chief Monty Strong says a 7-foot alligator was lurking nearby.

"I was actually leaving another call and road by the area and saw people gathering and I pulled out there," Strong said.

He says reports of the gator also came into the fire department.

"It was the first call we've received this year and we expect more," Strong said.

Alligator Trapper Craig Breland was called to capture the gator.

"He got in the water with it, but once the gator went under, Breland got out," Strong said. "He then saw the gator surface and he threw a specialized fishing pole over the gator's back."

Strong says, Breland eventually hooked the gator and after about 15 minutes pulled him on land.

"He jumped on his back and tapped him up," Strong explained.

Strong says Breland told him he's been called out to capture several nuisance gators this year.

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