Bus Trouble In The Bay

Some parents in Bay St. Louis say their children's bus ride to school has gotten completely out of control. Fourteen kids were suspended after what was described as an all out brawl last Friday. It happened on a bus full of elementary school students and the whole thing was caught by the video camera on the bus.

The Bay St. Louis School District wouldn't show us the tape but the parents saw it. They told Al showers their kids may not be little angels but they say the bus driver waited too long to step in. Bill and Michelle Scheibener have been driving their 6 and 7 year old girls to and from school this week. They were two of the 14 elementary schoolers booted from their bus for fighting. " It was beyond rowdy, sir it's like watching a Mike Tisen fight if you seen the video . I won't deny my children were a part of it as well." Said Michelle Scheibener. Scheiberner saw the tape of the fight, her 7 year-old daughter Maranda and other students have vivid memories of what went on. " Fighting and people pull people's ears and stuff." Said Maranda. Fourth grader Zack Hixson, echoed her words. "They're in the aisle while the bus driver is driving and cursing everybody's cursing and fighting." Third grade student Deontae Saucier, told WLOX what he saw and heard." Saying bad stuff to the bus driver districting him getting up running to the seats switching seats." Parents say the unruly behavior is almost an every day occurrence.

They say the new bus driver has no control over his bus. " I just don't see how he don't know what's going on behind him....really fingers shouldn't be pointed at anyone, the kids or the driver he's got to much on his plate really I think he needs some help." Said Scheibner. Nick and Selitha Saucier agreed, " My main concern is the safety of my children." Parents say the bus ride would be safer if the School district would put an extra person on the bus to watch the students, so the driver can concentrate on the road. There has been an extra person on that bus this week, and that may become permanent.

The Bay-Waveland School District contract's bus service with Laidlaw, which hires the drivers. Laidlaw referred all comments to Superintendent Kim Stasny. She told us the situation on the bus and discipline of the students was "handled appropriately", She would not say whether the driver was disciplined.