Schools Learn How They Rank On State And Federal Scales

Last September, the Pass Christian School District celebrated when it learned that all of its schools earned a level 5 rating. The district has done it again.

This year, all schools in the Pass are level 5's. Two other school districts have earned the same honor. Schools in Ocean Springs and Long Beach also reached the "superior-performing" status.

Only two districts had schools that ranked on the lower end of the scale. In Gulfport, 28th Street Elementary and Gulfport Central Middle School are level 2's.

It's the same case with Moss Point. Moss Point High and West Elementary are classified as "under-performing" schools.

Overall, most schools in South Mississippi showed improvement by earning levels 3 or above. Again, these are preliminary ratings. The Mississippi Department of Education will announce the officials results next Friday.

Even though the schools earned level 5's, some did not meet the federal "No Child Left Behind" standards. Schools that don't meet the standards two years in a row could face serious sanctions. The sanctions range from allowing parents to choose which school to send their children, to teachers and superintendents losing their jobs.