Mississippi Arts Commission Invades Capitol

Members of the Mississippi Arts Commission say it's no act that a major budget cut will curtail many arts related programs throughout the state. Members say most of us don't realize the impact the arts have on our daily lives and also our economy.

The commission estimates the arts have an economic impact of more than $50 million per year throughout Mississipi. Amid recent budget cuts, the legislative budget committee recommended a $500,000 cut to the Mississippi Arts commission, which is about a quarter of the budget.

Betsy Bradley of the Mississippi Arts Commission said, "The biggest impact it'll have besides cutting our overall grants program is a $250,000 cut to our whole school's project which is infusing the arts into the curriculum of twenty-one schools throughout the state."

The arts commission brought just a sample of what they do to the capitol, not only to thank legislators, but to remind them of the importance and the impact of the arts.