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Linda Gale Reed pleads not guilty to embezzlement charges

Linda Gale Reed was served an indictment in Copiah County jail Friday afternoon. Linda Gale Reed was served an indictment in Copiah County jail Friday afternoon.
COPIAH COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Linda Gale Reed pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of embezzlement during her arraignment hearing Friday morning before Copiah County Circuit Judge Lamar Pickard. Reed was served with an indictment June 7 and is charged with three counts of embezzlement.

The charges involve petty cash and checks written in connection to her employer -- Moore Fabrication.

A Grand Jury met in January, but her case wasn't presented at that time.

Reed's attorney John Reeves said he hasn't received a copy of the indictment but is told there are more than 400 pages of evidence included. Reeves said he wasn't surprised by the indictment.

"It was obvious to me that the local flavor, the frenzy was so hard and so high that they didn't have a choice really, politically, but to indict her. I think in other counties, more populous counties, there's a good chance she would not have been indicted. I don't think they can prove their case," stated Reeves.

A trial date could be as soon as July.

"She's ready to move on. Ready to get this thing over with one way or another and get some resolution in her life. Nobody likes to be in jail. Who does? So she's not enjoying that at all. Who would?" said Reeves.

Reed was reported missing in April 2012. Her status changed from missing to wanted for embezzlement on Oct. 15. An independent audit, along with a federal investigation revealed money missing from the petty cash fund of the business where she was employed.

"What I've seen and heard, the employer kept sloppy books. We'll find out. We've got to get our own CPAs involved in it to look at it," said Reeves.

Her family and authorities searched for nearly five months before Reed was found in Longview, TX. She was working as a bookkeeper under her own name.

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