Mother speaks after young daughter's well rescue

GREENE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Ashley Willett is thankful and relieved her six-year-old daughter is safe after being rescued from a 35 foot well.

Laylah Willett was at a farm in Greene County on a field trip when she was standing on an old well that was covered with grass and fell.

Three hours after the fall, Ashley began jumping up and down and rescue workers and others erupted in clapping as the young girl was pulled from the hole.

"I was so happy, relieved, just mainly relieved," Ashley Willett said.

As rescue workers laid Laylah on the stretcher, her mom rushed to her side.

"It was pretty scary that she was that far down and nothing else happened. Thank God it was muddy down there because if it wasn't muddy, something worse could have happened to her," Willett said.

Physically, the young girl escaped with only scrapes and bruises.

"I would say she was in a little shock," Willett said. "She lost a shoe and that's all she was worried about was her shoe and getting dirty. She wanted new clothes, she is very prissy. She was very exhausted. She took a nap. She said she took a nap."

Laylah was a little more perky as she was leaving the hospital, waving and blowing a kiss to the cameras as her mother held her tight.

"I'm better," Willett said, "I just can't get the picture of the hole out of my head. I went when she was in the hole and I couldn't see her. So now, all I picture is the hole."

Ashley said she is extremely thankful to all the rescue workers who not only saved her daughter, but also comforted her during the horrific ordeal.

"They talked to her, they sent her a baby doll down, they gave her oxygen, her baby doll's name, she named it Lilly. They sent her drinks down to keep her calm," Willett said.

When little Laylah got out of the well, she asked for McDonalds, so her parents happy obliged. They said they were going to go home and just hold her tight.

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