Cutbacks for Community Education Program Unfounded

Fears about major cutbacks in Gulfport's Community Education Program are apparently unfounded.

Thousands of adult students are enrolled in the evening classes. They take courses ranging from photography to adult literacy to cake decorating.

Some students are worried that the Gulfport School District is about to eliminate Community Education.

But the superintendent says the only change being considered is who will oversee the classes. The Gulfport School District may let the community college take over the program.

"The programs are not being eliminated. And they might even be able to come and do them at the school buildings. They only thing that would be changing is the monies flowing through, who they pay their fees through or who they get reimbursement from the state. That's the only thing that would be changing, the host. The programs are still going to be offered whether we do it or the college does it," said Gulfport School superintendent Carlos Hicks.

Superintendent Hicks says the school district will likely make a decision about who will host the program during this year's budget talks in late May or early June.