Daredevil wows crowd by dangling from helicopter over Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Circus star Bello Nock stunned the crowd in Biloxi Thursday with another death-defying stunt. The funny daredevil performed some popular circus tricks dangling from a helicopter high above Beau Rivage. The amazing trapeze act is considered the first-of-its-kind in Mississippi.

With cameras focused and eyes fixated on the sky over Biloxi spectators prepared for a spectacular show. At noon, the faint sound of the hovering helicopter stirred up the excitement. Bello Nock finally appeared hanging onto a trapeze more than 400-feet in the air.

"He's got more nerves of steel than I do, that's for sure. There's no way I'd get up there and do that," one man commented.

As the chopper made another pass high above the crowd, Bello dangled upside down with no safety net, no tether, and no hands!

"I think he's crazy! I think he's lost his mind," said one woman.

The stunt got even crazier when Bello grabbed the trapeze using only his legs, then his feet.

"It was awesome, fantastic! Great gymnastics work," said one girl.

"I thought it was cool and funny, but I thought it was insane," said a boy.

Bello's heart was racing, too.

"The vibration of the helicopter was much more than I anticipated. That vibration, the wind and the gusts were much more than I anticipated," said Nock.

In his final act, the daredevil was hanging by this toes. What's even more amazing was every strand of his trademark red hair stayed in place.

"I feel great now that my feet are safe on the ground. It was probably one of the most dangerous and difficult things I've ever done. Although I train really hard to hang from that helicopter and do all that stuff, but not getting distracted by the beautiful view," said Bello.

The Bellocopter Stunt kicked-off the Beau Rivage's summer production Funambula.

"There's beauty, there's grace, there's strength, there's adrenaline, there's comedy," said Bello. "It's just the extraordinary and the ordinary, all together in one show. That's what the Beau Rivage and Funambula is all about, it's hair raising entertainment."

Last year, Bello Nock completed a tight-rope walk, balancing 360-feet above the Beau Rivage. He wanted to top it this year.

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By the way, Funambula is a Latin word meaning "rope dancer." The show starts on June 11 and will run through August 11 at the Beau Rivage Theatre. For more information, visit: http://bit.ly/beaushow

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