Waveland Police seek woman who dumped puppies

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Four puppies died after being dumped behind a Waveland business. Now police are searching for the woman shown on surveillance video carrying a box believed to contain the animals.

Police said one full grown dog and seven puppies were dumped behind Keith's Super Store on Kiln-Waveland Cutoff and Highway 603. Investigators believe the woman shown in the video left the animals there just after noon on Monday.

"She abandoned the puppies and the mother. Four of the puppies had died by that point," said Investigator Matt Sekinger with the Waveland Police Department.

The surveillance video shows the woman leaving in a bright blue 4-door car. It also shows the heartbreaking moment when the adult dog runs after the car as it pulls away.

Authorities say a store employee who was taking out the trash discovered the dead puppies behind the building around 8:30 Monday night.

"Given the fact that it was close to 90 degrees yesterday and they were out there for close to eight hours, it's not hard to put two and two together and figure for an 8-week-old puppy, they just can't handle elements like that without proper food and water."

The remaining three were taken to the Hancock County Animal Shelter.

"It's senseless. It's too easy in this day and time to drive up to the animal shelter and say, 'Hey, I don't need these dogs. I can't take care of them,' and leave them there instead of just dump them off behind a store somewhere and leave them to die from the elements," explained Sekinger.

Toni Accardo is Director of the Hancock County Animal Shelter. She says the dogs are most likely Rat Terrier mixes.

"The puppies, as cute as they are, she could have easily found homes for them even without bringing them to the shelter, if she had given it a little effort," Accardo said. "The puppies are actually doing very well. We have two young volunteers that's here today that have been playing with them, showing them a lot of attention. They are eating well and they are also drinking. They are re-hydrating themselves very well."

Once the pups have been vaccinated, they will then be available for adoption. That could happen as early as Friday.

By the way, the mother of the puppies was never found. Witnesses inside the store say the dog followed the car down the highway after it left.

If you think you know who dumped the puppies, or recognize the woman or blue car in the video, you're asked to call central dispatch at (228) 255-9191 or Waveland Police at (228) 467-3669. All tips are kept confidential.

(Note: There is a van also shown in the pictures. It is not related to this investigation.)

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