School Zone Becomes Danger Zone For Children

As the children of Harper McCaughan Elementary School rushed out of the school doors at the final bell, we set up our speed zapper on Fourth Street to see how many drivers were rushing through the 15 mile per hour school zone.

Within five minutes, the zapper catches one vehicle going 18 mph. The other is going 20. And one flies by at 32.

This is a common sight for Mrs. Esther Wilson, who comes to pick up her grandson.

But she says speed is not only problems - 'going in the right direction' is one as well.

"We've counted as many as 13 going the wrong way on this street. And sometimes they're going like 30 miles an hour," said Wilson.

"It's an hour a day in the morning and an hour a day in the afternoon. It's very confusing to people. So we've placed a sign out there in the road which for the most part helps, but people sometimes ignore the sign and sometimes they don't see the sign or what have you and our concern of course is the hazard it creates for the children," said school principal Eddie Holmes.

"The ones that come the right way on the street need to slow down. It's 15 miles an hour around a school. Everybody knows that, it's everywhere. And the people that are coming the wrong way should get tickets," said Wilson.

And Wilson believes looking out for and obeying the signs will ensure a safe future for our children.

"If we don't look out for our children. Who is gonna look out for them?" said Wilson.