Moss Point mayoral candidates do some last minute campaigning

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Tuesday, voters across Mississippi will head to the polls to elected new city leaders for the next four years. One of the coast cities that will have a new mayor is Moss Point. A longtime state legislator, a retired teacher and businessman are all vying for the spot.

The heat and humidity didn't stop Independent candidate Dobbs Dennis from going door to door for votes Monday. Dennis said if elected as mayor, he would the skills he learned in the Navy and from his years in education to solve the city's aging infrastructure problems and bring big industry to town.

"Moss Point had a thriving industry before with International Paper. And when that left, a lot of the smaller industries left as well," Dobbs said. "So, I will bring back some major industry to increase our tax base and that will end up lowering the taxes for our citizens and that will create jobs. Good jobs."

John Mosley Jr. also spent one more day greeting voters. He's 28 and believes growing up in Moss Point and owning his own business have provided him with knowledge to run the city and improve the quality of life here.

"I want to see change, first in foremost, in business. I have been on calls with someone very famous to build a huge theater here, depending on the outcome of the election," Mosley said. "Recreation, entertainment is a very big thing. We have the river here, so we can do water sports."

The most familiar face in the campaign is Democrat Billy Broomfield, who has served in the state legislator since the 1990s. If elected, Broomfield said he would create more high-tech jobs, correct the flooding problems, and repair streets.

"What you must know is we can't just fix the streets. We've got to go in and replace water lines and sewer lines, gas lines in its entirety," Broomfield said. "So, we are looking at things that will have a long term effect for the taxpayers' dollars in this city."

One major thing all three men agree on is the importance of exercising your right to vote in the election, and they hope citizens do just that.

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