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Film crew shoots parts of movie in WLOX studio

Film crew going in the WLOX studio. Film crew going in the WLOX studio.
Actor portraying an anchor in the WLOX studio. Actor portraying an anchor in the WLOX studio.

There have been talks of more films being produced in Mississippi for years. WLOX experienced the reality of those talks as the first shots of "Category 5" were taken right here at the WLOX studios on Friday and Saturday.  

"It fit for the story. This is an area that's been hit the most by storms maybe in history. It was a perfect fit. We came here and met with the people of Biloxi and Gulfport. The state film commission was very welcoming and inviting. Everyone was friendly and it just seemed like a great place to film this movie," "Cater gory 5" producer Eric Mccoy said.

"Category 5" is a fictional story based on a family that survived Hurricane Katrina and finds themselves struggling to survive another hurricane. It's a story of hope, and survival, mindsets that people in this region know all too well. While the movie is based completely on fantasy, it will try to capture those experiences.

As most hurricane survivors would tell you, when massive storm hits there are no lines memorized. It's that realness that the people behind the film are hoping to bring to the screen.

"The most riveting part is talking to the people of this area. Hearing their stories; you think you're making a fictional movie and then you hear the true stories and it's like nothing even that we're doing. If we could be lucky enough to capture these stories and tell these amazing tales of heroism, then I would really feel like we did something special," "Category 5" executive producer Barry Rosen said.

What the movie is also bringing in is jobs and possibly more movies.

"You have an incredible incentive in the state. We started gathering locals and a lot of them are going to New Orleans to work. They feel really great that they can stay here and shoot. I would say this is the friendliest towns I've ever been in. I've shot all over the world and they have been so incredibly supportive," Rosen said.

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