Gautier residents say front yard damaged by wild hogs

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Esther Borne and her roommate have lived in the Hickory Hills area of Gautier for 12 years. They enjoy the wild animals that roam their secluded property, but for about two weeks now they haven't enjoyed the visits they've been getting from wild boars.

The City of Gautier confirmed last week that they've received reports from some community members about hog sightings. Borne and a neighbor north of her know firsthand that sightings can become a bigger problem.

They come in the middle of the night and by early morning they're out of sight. Borne first noticed the boars after a small hole developed near an unfenced part of her property.

That hole eventually grew into a patch work of several large holes in the northern part of Borne's property. Some of those holes are more than a foot deep.

"I am scared that they would actually go outside of our fence and go in deeper to our neighborhood where there are small children or pets," Borne said.

Gautier councilman Adam Colledge assessed the damage Saturday morning. He says he's doing everything he can to ensure the damage doesn't getting any bigger.

He's working with an animal control officer and Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to get traps on Borne's property as soon as possible.

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