Dombrowski certified as winner in Gulfport's Ward 2

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - WLOX News just spoke with Don Hartfield, the chair of the Gulfport Republican Executive Committee.  After a two hour hearing Thursday afternoon, and three hours of committee discussion that evening, Hartfield said, "We stuck with the certification."

That means Ricky Dombrowski won the Gulfport Ward 2 Republican primary by two votes. And he is the republican nominee in the general election.

With no opposition on June 4 ballots, Dombrowski will represent Ward 2 on the Gulfport City Council.

"We're pretty comfortable," Hartfield said.  "We know we looked at everything possible to look at."

A text from Dombrowski expressed both his relief and his gratitude.  "Thank God," it said.

David Andre, however, called the committee's decision "distressing."

"I cannot understand why the Executive Committee would not take the time to physically hand count the ballots as we did, and instead chose to certify a machine count that was not the same as our physical count. The Executive Committee has certified Mr. Dombrowski as the winner of the primary election when he has the same number of votes that I have. Each of us have 616 votes in the ballot boxes. I do not understand why the May 7th primary election for Ward 2 has not been recertified."

Andre said he is not financially able to incur the additional legal expenses it would take to make a formal challenge of the certified election results in Circuit Court.

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