Biloxi Farmer's Market grows on you

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Thursday wasn't your typical day at the Biloxi Farmer's Market. It was the first of four market festivals scheduled for this summer. As a band set up to play, there were games for the kids. But the star was, of course, the produce, plants, and eggs.

"They're looking for home grown fresh stuff off the farm. They don't want something that's old and stale," vendor Tommy Koenenn said.

Customers like Gail Waits eat it up.

"We love it here," Waits said. "We always come see this gentleman. He always has the best vegetables, he gives us a good deal on them, everything is fresh."

That's a word you hear a lot.

"The food is fresh," customer Jennifer Colvin said. "They have a lot of fruits and that's what I like."

At the Farmer's Market Festival, you can find just about anything your heart might desire, including, believe it or not, popcorn. That's something you usually don't find at a farmer's market, but it's a good way to launch a business. Michael Redmond is attempting just that.

"We're trying to take our product and get it out to the people who buy new things and try new things and the farmer's market is a great way to do that," Redmond explained.

There are other reasons people flock to the market - a feeling of helping out a great American tradition, according to Heidi Forgione.

"I try and buy local whenever I can to support our local farmers and growers. And I buy from them specifically because they don't use hormones or antibiotics in any of their dairy products. The cows are pasture raised, so they're more or less happy," Forgione said.

And happy cows make for happy customers.

The regular Biloxi farmers market is open every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the corner of Hopkins and Howard Avenue, right under the I-110 bridge.

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