Police Investigating Racist Vandalism Against a Jackson County Family

The FBI and local authorities are investigating a possible hate crime against an interracial couple at a trailer park in rural Jackson County. Tiffany and Tony Jackson say the intimidation began with racial slurs and gunshots. Then Tuesday morning they woke up to see the family car trashed. Someone had spray-painted obscenities and racial slurs all over the Cadillac.

The Jacksons think the manager of their trailer park, Howard Goss, is responsible for the vandalism. Tuesday, police served him with a warrant to appear in court for malicious criminal mischief. Despite that, police are still looking at other suspects.

The same day the car was vandalized, the Jacksons found an eviction notice taped to their door Tiffany Jackson said, "I did take it to a judge in the Justice Court, and he said there is no reason on it, and that it's not worth the paper it's printed on. So it was a ploy to have me move"

Goss denies vandalizing their car, but says he does want them to move. He claims that the couple had a fight one night that was so serious the police had to be called. Jackson County authorities say they were called to the trailer on January 14th, and arrested Tony Jackson for domestic violence. But Mrs. Jackson believes they're being evicted for another reason. Her husband and 5 children are black.

Howard Goss says race has nothing to do with the Jackson's eviction, but Jackson County NAACP President Curley Clark told us his organization is watching the case closely.