Gautier math whiz kid only 7-years-old

(L to R) John Douglas sits next to his teacher Debra Boone.
(L to R) John Douglas sits next to his teacher Debra Boone.

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - He's mastered advance Geometry, Algebra, decimals and fractions at only 7-years-old. We're talking about Singing River Elementary student John Douglas. District officials said he is the only 7-year-old in his elementary school to excel in such a complicated subject in just a short time span.

John Douglas may look like a typical first grader, but he has the math skills of students twice his age. His teacher, Debra Boone, said John was shining star all semester at Singing River Elementary.

"He came to me in August and he started with Math Facts in a Flash, with addition and subtraction. Then he taught himself multiplication. He asked me to teach him division and I showed him how, and in a week he mastered that level," said Boone.

The whiz kid went on to master fractions, decimals, and even conversions in weeks.

"He ended up spending 30 minutes a day in second grade and then he outgrew that. Then I sent him to 4th grade and she helped him with some advance geometry and whatever else," Boone said.

The first grader can answer tough questions in seconds. It was John's dad who helped spark his love for math.

"My dad just started teaching me and then I started getting into it and then he taught me a lot of difficult stuff," Douglas said.

"As we know over the years American education has dropped in ranking within in the world, and we are trying to get our math and science ranks back around the country. It is really rewarding to see when kids like John benefit from common core, which really helps them master common concepts before they go on to other concepts," Boone said.

This young math whiz already has his future planned. John said he wants to be an engineer, help people and make lots of money.

John is also an avid reader. He will attend Martin Bluff Elementary in Gautier next school year and continue improving his math skills.

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