Voters sound off in Ocean Springs

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Many consider it to be the hottest political race on the coast: the battle for mayor of Ocean Springs. Republican challenger John McKay versus two term incumbent democrat Connie Moran.

While the candidates continue to hit the campaign trail, looking for support, the voters know a lot is at stake. In two debates, Moran and McKay sparred over the city's financial condition. The candidates have spoken, but what are voters saying?

"Hopefully, someone who can take care of the drainage here in Ocean Springs," resident Glenn Puzz said. "Drainage is real bad here on Holcomb Boulevard and I know throughout the city also."

That concern is echoed by others, like Randy Swann.

"It doesn't matter who the next mayor is. I think we need to improve on our drainage systems throughout the city because when we get the rain, most of my neighbors get flooded out," Swann said.

The changing face and nightlife in downtown is also on the political radar screen of voters.

"Well, I'm concerned that our politicians have placed the wants and needs of the bar environment over the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods," Doug Denehie lamented.

Martha Herren agreed. "The downtown area is a little too congested with bars. I don't feel like we need that many bars in the city of Ocean Springs."

Finding a parking spot in downtown worries business owner Jeannie Stevenson, who depends on customer convenience.

"Parking is a problem. A lot of locals will not come downtown on the weekends or during events because of the parking situation," Stevenson said.

Then there's the tried and true concern of just about everyone who votes: the condition of city streets.

"In my area, it's the streets being paved. That's my number one issue," Joyce Battle said. "And also the speeding in our area in Ward three. I would like to see something done about that."

And soon, the voters get to do something by casting their ballots. The general election in Ocean Springs and other cities on the coast is Tuesday, June 4th. Polls will be open from 7am until 7pm.

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