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Dozens protest in Jackson against GMF's

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Nearly 85 protestors in Jackson are making sure you know how the vegetables on the dinner table were produced in the field.

The march against Monsanto was held Saturday afternoon in downtown Jackson.

Organizers say the purpose was to educate people on the dangers of genetically modified foods, which they believe can be as serious as cancer.

Monsanto says it's biotechnology undergoes more testing than any other agricultural crops.

The company says it inserts one gene into another species to produce characteristics, possibly making the plant insect resistant or increase its drought tolerance.

Monsanto protesters want food labeling, along with raised awareness for shoppers and growers.

"They are being told that you will yield better crops if you go with the Monsanto seeds and the Round Up Ready, and so that sounds great to them; that appeals to them, and the farmers don't know just like the population doesn't know that it has harmful effects," said Julie Stewart, protest organizer.

Saturday's rally was part of an international movement held against genetically modified foods.

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