State House seat race down to wire

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The candidates vying for the State House seat in District 95 say they will spend this Memorial Day holiday weekend stumping for last minute votes.

Tuesday is the special election to select a representative for parts of Harrison and Hancock Counties.

WLOX NEWS, introduces you to the 4 candidates on the ballot.

The four people who want to represent State House District 95 have just a few more days to win support.

Grant Bower wants voters to know about his administrative and government experience.

"I have over 30 years of Government service. I'm the only veteran running. I have the education. I'm a team player and I have the ability to build the coalitions and partnerships to make things happen up in Jackson," said Bower.

Tommy Ballard is a business owner.

"I'm the only candidate that's been in the private sector since 1991. I understand what it's like to manage other people's money being in the insurance business. The experience working in the private sector prepared me for Jackson," explained Ballard.

Educator Sherri Carr-Bevis says she's ready to bring a new out-look to the state house.

"I am a school teacher right now my educational background I think I bring a fresh prospective to Jackson I'm looking forward to bringing my interests and my involvement in the classroom to the capitol. And I'm the only candidate that's lived in both districts in Gulfport, Harrison County and in Hancock County," said Carr-Bevis.

Attorney Patricia Willis says years of practicing law has prepared her to become a state lawmaker.

"I've been practicing law on the Gulf Coast for the past 22 years and I'm ready to do more for my community. I want to serve the people of District 95. I have ideas I know what the problems are here in District 95, I want to be their voice in Jackson," said Willis.

All four candidates say support for the state's education system and attracting jobs will be there top priorities.

"Economic development, we need to bring more businesses in and give them a reason to want to come to Mississippi," remarked Willis.

Carr-Bevis, echoed her words.

"Education always needs to be something that we look at. Because guess what? Education is tied to economic development."

"We really need to get the economic growth going. And down here we need to address tourism," said Bower.

Ballard summed it all up.

"We just need a leader to go get the job done and not just go sit in a chair in Jackson."

Voters make their choice Tuesday. District 95 includes parts of Harrison and Hancock Counties.

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