Termite invasion: experts say don't panic

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Don't panic. It's normal. That's what pest control specialists are saying about the swarms of termites spotted across south Mississippi.

After receiving calls and posts from many of our WLOX viewers concerned about the flying bugs, we reached out to a local pest control specialist to learn more about the termite 'invasion.' Gordon Redd, Jr., owner of Redd Pest Solutions, told WLOX News what we're seeing right now is pretty typical for spring and early summer.

"These are the reproducers of a termite colony. They're doing their natural and normal thing," explained Redd. "They're trying to find new areas to find new colonies."

Redd also stressed, if you see swarms of termites flying outside your home, it doesn't necessarily mean they're nesting in your home.

"But it is very important to contact a pest management professional and have an inspection on the home to see if there are any conducive conditions, see if there's anything that would warrant a treatment," he warned.

Redd also said a handful of termites inside a home, is nothing to be alarmed over. However, if you see 100 or at times as many as 500 termites in a house, that's a solid indication you've been infested.

"Not much homeowners can do to really treat these effectively with the regulations we have these days," explained Redd. "It's best to call a pest control management team to let them come out and inspect your home."

Experts point to the warm, dry weather for the sudden termite arrival. Redd told WLOX News the cooler spring and rainy weather kept the pests underground longer than usual.

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