Destructive termites invading South Mississippi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Part of the coast is being invaded this week by termites. Millions swarmed across Harrison County Wednesday night.

Several WLOX viewers called our newsroom to tell us about it. One person called while driving down the interstate. They told us they were being bombarded by termites. Another person told us they were jogging on the boardwalk trying to dodge the termites.

We spoke with Gordon Redd of Redd Pest Control. He confirmed this is the time of year when they appear in big numbers.

"Now that the rain has ended and it's warming up, they are coming out of the ground in the millions," Redd said.

He also told WLOX News those swarming Wednesday night are formosan termites, the most destructive kind. This type only live a few days and Redd believes most will be gone within that time frame.

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