Starship Heading To Super Bowl

The Starship dining yacht will be at Super Bowl XXXV.  Late Tuesday night, the Starship leaves her Biloxi dock and sails to Tampa.

On its first Tampa voyage, the crew will take Florida travel agents on a cruise to showcase coast tourism. This weekend, N-F-L stars will attend Super Bowl parties on board the Biloxi vessel.  According to Starship executive Troy Manthey, "Starship is considered the nicest dining yacht in the United States. And the corporate folks in Tampa sought us out to bring us down for Super Bowl. So it's the highest compliment we could ask for."

Manthey believes that the NFL will love his ship.  "I think they're a little apprehensive right now," he said.  "But I think once they see the ship come into Tampa harbor Thursday afternoon, they'll be very excited to come on board and have a good time."

The Starship returns to its Biloxi dock January 31st, in time for a dinner cruise and a wedding reception.

By the way, it's already been booked for Super Bowl XXXVI, when New Orleans hosts the NFL's title game.