Nissan Is Looking For Local Suppliers

Nissan wants Mississippi companies to supply its new plant with production and non-production items.  Governor Ronnie Musgrove flew around the state Tuesday for a series of news conferences. He encouraged 41,000 Mississippi businesses to fill out applications and become Nissan suppliers.

If you own a coast floral shop, or you're in the auto parts business, the governor says Nissan wants to hear from you.  "People right here on the gulf coast may not work in the plant in Canton," the governor said, "but they may be part of a business right here that does business with them. That is the great opportunity across the state of Mississippi that a company the size of Nissan brings to us."

Governor Musgrove said the supplier opportunities associated with the $930 million Nissan plan are exactly why the state put together an incentive package to bring it to Mississippi.  He said, "This is a terrific opportunity and a tremendous opportunity for Mississippians to grow and improve their businesses right here at home."

Musgrove went on to say, "It's an example of wide ranging possibilities of Mississippi companies who may want to do business with Nissan."

The deadline to fill out a supplier application is Monday January 29, 2001.