Family Of Man Charged With Murder Speaks Out

Walking in chains is nothing new for Joseph Bishop Goff.

The Alabama man has lived most of his life in and out of prison.

Goff's cousin Marti Goff says Joseph Goff has been in jail twice already and growing up he was always a troubled kid.

But no one ever understood why.

"He had a wonderful life. He had a wonderful mother and father that gave him everything. I don't know what went wrong," Marti Goff says.

But something did.

Goff's mother Lessie Goff doesn't ever remember seeing her son look the way he did last Thursday evening, the day before Brandy Stewart Yates' body was found in a Lucedale hotel room.

"I have never seen anyone with his demeanor. He kept putting his hands up, trying to keep my face focused in his eyes. If I moved my head, he'd come and put my face back into his eyes. His eyes looked like they were just boiling," Lessie Goff says.

Before he left he also told her he was on a mission.

"He looked nice, he had the bible, he told his mom he was trying to straighten himself out that he had gotten into the word. He wanted things to be different. Next thing we know, the police are here and the girl's been murdered,"Marti Goff says.

"I just went into shock, just shock," Lessie Goff says.

Although Goff's mother is devastated just thinking her son could have done such a thing, she's relieved too at the thought that now he just may get the help he needs.