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An in-house storm shelter? It's now possible

We're all familiar with the underground storm shelter. Now there is an alternative to digging a hole in your yard.

We found a man who can turn an interior closet into a debris-proof safe room.

Rudy Wright has something you might want: it's called Armorcore.

I asked him to test it for us, and since neither of us can throw a rock at tornado speed, I asked him to use a .44.

He happened to have one, and it stopped a piece of hollow-point debris with no problem.

"The beauty of this product is we could come in to your house, take the shelves out of your closet, line your whole closet with this, and now you're basically projectile proof to the extent the structure can hold together," Rudy said.

Armorcore is marketed as a sort of anti-ballistic wall-paper, but Rudy thought it would make a good internal storm shelter. The thicker the panel, the higher the cost, but Rudy says, "If you had a small closet you could probably get it done in that $4,000 to 5,000 range. "

That's about half as much as an underground shelter.

"Now these are a lot lighter than their equivalent strength in steel, which is another benefit here, because if you were to try to make steel and mount it on a door, the door would knock people over if they let go of the handle or whatnot, " Rudy stated.

It may not be underground, but it's a lot better than a mattress and a bath tub.

There is also a safe room that can be bolted to your concrete foundation available for around $5000, but you'd have to give up part of your garage to use that one.

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