Wider Popp's Ferry Road Is Attractive To Speeders

People living along Popp's Ferry Road in Biloxi say their street has gone from a construction zone to a speedway. In the last two weeks, Biloxi police have written more than 90 tickets to drivers who stepped a little too hard on the gas.

While neighbors say they're glad to be rid of the orange barrels, they now have another problem with more speeders. A wider road is mostly good news, since now residents have enough room to back out of their driveways. However, speeders don't give enough time.

Allen Everett lives on Popp's Ferry Road. "You look one way it's clear. You look the other way it's clear. By the time you look back here's somebody flying by."

Speed limit signs read just 35 miles per hour. In about an hour's time our WLOX speed zapper caught drivers traveling 10, 11, and in some cases almost 15 miles over the legal limit. Biloxi Police have radar out there too.

"We're out here writing a lot of tickets not necessarily to penalize the people who are speeding but try to get them to be aware and slow down so we don't have to work so many accidents on the roadway," said Officer Louis Moran.

Dave Whitney, a Biloxi resident, has "seen at least seven to nine cars being caught for speeding through here since they opened it up."

Meanwhile, some drivers say with so many speeders it's not easy to obey the law and still stay with the flow of traffic.

"When I drive I drive exactly the speed limit and I make people mad because they want to go around you," said Everett. "You see them ride your bumper trying to get past you."

Biloxi police say they were not surprised by the increase in speeding on Popp's Ferry Road. They say motorists have a tendency to drive faster when once a new road opens.