Lucedale Thanks Troops

Ninety more members of the 155th Army Brigade will soon begin training for war. Company B, 150th Combat Engineering Battalion out of Lucedale is due to report to Camp Shelby on Thursday and from there they'll go to the Middle East. On Sunday, their community gave a send-off full of pride and prayers.

For Nancy Dyer pictures of guardsmen are a lot like a family photo album. Her father went to the Middle East in the 90s and this time it's her husband.

"It is sacrifice, but I guess it's the way I was brought up," said Dyer. "I was proud of dad for his commitment he had to his country and I'm proud of my husband. They would not be the men they are now if it weren't for what they had done."

With their American flags in hand, hundreds of people gathered in Lucedale city park to thank the troops.

Guardsman Larry W. Odom said, "A soldier never likes to not to be sent off with support."

Many of the troops leave are leaving young children behind. It's a difficult parting for Staff Sgt. Marshall Davis. " I've got four children. I really don't want to leave my family. Leaving them in this town, you can see that this town will take care of them. It helps to know that the people are behind you."

The guardsmen say they're willing to face danger in hopes that their children won't have to.

Cmdr. Paul Lyon said, "On September 11th we had some of that taken away from us, and I stand proud to go with these guys to get that back. I'm proud to serve with them and I hope we go over there, do our jobs, and come back every last one of us and make you proud here in Lucedale."