Attorney Said Last Week's Shooting Is Justified

An incident involving a Jackson County Deputy shooting 22-year old John Michael Hearne at this convenience store last Sunday has dominated the news for the past week.

Since then, two major questions remain. Who was the deputy who shot the man?  And was that shooting justified?

Saturday, Attorney Keith Miller officially released the name of his client, Michael Pol, one of the two deputies at the scene of the incident.

Miller wanted to clarify that Pol was not the one who shot Hearne.

"I released his name because it seemed that there had been a lot of misinformation given to the media, misinformation in the general public. Some of that being that Mr. Pol was actually the one that shot Mr. Hearne. That's not true," Miller said.

Miller said it's important to him that Pol's name is released from any public accusation as well, because of Pol's reputation in the community.

"Michael's been in law enforcement for over 10 years and he has never shot an individual, nor has he ever pulled the trigger and shot at an individual," Miller add.

Miller said though Pol never fired his weapon, it doesn't make the reserve officer who did pull the trigger wrong.

In fact, Miller said judging from what he has heard about the case, he feels the officer may have used the right amount of force.

"Looking at the shooting as an overall event, it appears to me that the gentleman that actually did the shooting was in fear and had fear, but that's something he and his attorney will have to explain to everybody. It seems to me that the shooting was justified under the circumstances," Miller said.