Local Paper Celebrates 12 Years Of Good News

"I was a metaphysician practitioner and I dealt with religious signs and signs of the mind. Positive attitude and working with individuals, changing them from having a negative attitude to a positive attitude so I tried to use the paper in writing there is power in the Word," said Good News founder and editor-in-chief Eddie Corley.

And it seems like Minister Eddie Corley made the right choice.

WLOX recently sat down with the editor-in-chief of the Good News newspaper, where everything is a good thing.

This year, the paper is celebrating its twelfth year of success.

Ten thousand copies are distributed throughout the Gulf Coast each month, highlighting local businesses and programs, and its all for a purpose.

"In times like these as you know we are losing our children. Our youth are watching too much television, computer, Internet exposure. They need some kind of reading material probably for schools and libraries that has positive and good news," said Corley.

But readers are not the only ones who benefit from this Good News.

"Since I've been in this business for a month, everywhere I go, people have heard about Good News, and it's just like a positive experience that is so powerful just like Minister Corley was saying when people read our paper, it's just something that change their lives," said Good News executive sales manager LaKeisha Hibbler.

And Corley says he hopes he is changing lives for the better.

"If you can just touch one life and help one person to be able to be motivated or be inspired to fulfill their goal, then I think that is a success," said Corley.

And there is more good news. Literally.

Minister Corley will soon expand the paper into the rest of the state as well as in Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama.