Diamondhead a hot spot for new small businesses

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - The coast's newest city is becoming Hancock County's new business hot spot. A total of ten new businesses have either opened or are about to open in Diamondhead within the next couple of months.

With a unanimous vote by the city council Monday night, NVision Solutions became the latest business to get approval to open its doors in Diamondhead.

"Thanks for bringing your business to Diamondhead," said Mayor Chuck Ingraham.

NVision joins a list of nine other businesses that will open soon in Diamondhead, or have already opened in the city's central business district.

"I believe that this shopping center is the hottest one here in Diamondhead," said Arthur Conway, who opened Conway's Southern Cuisine Restaurant two days ago.

"We live here in the community and we think that the community can use a restaurant like this. We think we offer something different than the rest of the folks," explained Conway.

Other new businesses on the menu for Diamondhead include a Family Dollar, a Dollar Tree, a Goody's clothing store, and a Goodwill branch. Across the street is a new pizza parlor.

"There are ten new businesses that we can account for right now coming into Diamondhead, which is going a long way in bringing in new sales tax revenue in here. And that's what we need. We need to generate more revenue, have new businesses in here to take more of the burden, if you will, off of the houses," explained Ingraham.

Ingraham said it's economic development that Diamondhead hasn't seen in a long time, and he believes the new growth is just the beginning.

"Businesses bring more businesses. We're still looking at a hotel. We have hopes for a casino coming in, which would be certainly to our advantage."

He believes steps taken by the city to make it easier to do business in Diamondhead are why businesses are now coming to town. The mayor said the city has received a lot of interest from a hotel developer, but couldn't discuss the details. Mayor Ingraham said a committee has been formed to help facilitate that deal.

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