Camp for visually impaired kids provides endless fun

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Life through the eyes of a child is often thought to be innocent and colorful. But, that life isn't the same experience for kids who are blind and visually impaired.

That's why every year, Biloxi Lions club puts on a Sea and Sun camp for kids ages 5 to 15 who are visually impaired, giving them the opportunity to experience the fun they often miss out on.

With the sound of a beep, these kids are able to shoot a bow and arrow. With the help of a trainer, they're able to kayak. With the guidance of a counselor, they're able to ride a bike.

They're seemingly simple activities for most, but typically almost impossible for the 25 visually impaired campers.

"It's absolutely insane in the membrane," said 14-year-old Trey Henderson.

Henderson said kayaking is his favorite camp activity.

"It's entertaining. That's why I call this boat SS entertainment," said Henderson.

It's evident, he's full of life, but it's a life that isn't always given the same opportunities as most kids. That's something that Jayla Fox knows about all too well.

"People around just like me, like when I'm at school and stuff I'm not around people like me," said Fox.

That's exactly why Nancy Ann Sherman helped start the Sea and Sun camp in 1996.

"We just wanted a fun place where they could come and be children. Instead of children with a visual impairment," said Sherman. "As a teacher of the visually impaired, the closer it got to summer, a lot of my students' parents were looking for camps for their children."

They live in a world limited by their disability. This camp provides them a brief period of time where opportunity and fun is limitless.

"This camp rocks," said Henderson.

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