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Animal advocates demand action in death of Perry County K-9 officer


A Jackson based animal advocacy organization is demanding action in the death of a Perry County K-9 officer.

Napo, a three-year-old police dog, was left in his handlers patrol car over night and found dead the next morning. His handler, Deputy Steve Verret, said he had forgot the dog was in the car.

The Perry County Sheriff's Department kept the story under wraps for three weeks and only responded when confronted about it. Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith says Deputy Verret was reassigned and the dog was given a proper burial. He also said no necropsy was performed to determine cause of death.

People for Animal Welfare in Mississippi (PAW) posted a petition online demanding the deputy be terminated and criminal charges for neglect be filed. It also asks for the dog to be exhumed and the necropsy be performed, To date, nearly 22,000 people from around the country and several other countries have signed the petition. PAWS founder, Shelby Parsons, says they intend to deliver the petition to the Perry County District Attorney.

According to Mississippi law, in order for neglect charges to be brought there must be malicious intent.

Parsons says they started the petition because they wanted to raise awareness about how Mississippi is perceived when dealing with animal cruelty.

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