WLOX Editorial: Prepare South Mississippi

The season when we watch the tropics for storms and hurricanes is almost upon us. It is time for all of us in South Mississippi to prepare should a storm head our way.

Do you have wind and flood insurance for your property?Do you have a family evacuation plan? Is your supply kit stocked with at least three days worth of food and water as well as, first aid supplies and emergency lighting needs like flashlights, batteries and lanterns? Do you have boards or shutters ready to install to protect your home? Do you have an emergency contact person outside of our region who knows your plans should a storm head this way?

This week WLOX will begin giving you information online and on air to make sure you are prepared for the 2013 Hurricane Season. We can all hope for no hurricanes, but hope is not a plan.

Plan now. Be prepared so you are ready should a storm threaten us.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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