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Reservoir works on "master plan" for future

ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Reservoir residents got the chance Monday night to give their input on what's being called a "Master Plan" for the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District.

"It's a 33,000 acre lake with about 17,000 acres of land that we are looking at from a development standpoint that will go for a 20-25 year horizon," said Mike Monk with the Central Mississippi Planning and Development District. 

Around 350 people recently completed a survey answering questions to guide the plan in the right direction.

"Do you really want more restaurants? Do you really want a sporting goods store? Do you want more hair salons or whatever it might be?" asked Reservoir General Manager John Sigman.

But not everyone at the meeting was ready to look so far into the area's future.

"What I don't want to have happen in the planning process is to plan for change just for the sake of change and change character of why we moved here in the first place," said resident Ken Ruckstul.

Survey results showed many of the leaseholders choose to live in the district because of the quality of the neighborhoods and they want that upheld. But they did want more dine-in restaurants.

Just this legislative session, a bill that would have given resort status to the district died in committee. Still, people want to see improvements---rather than stalled projects.

"We would like to see development like you're seeing over in Madison County on Highland Colony. We don't see those kind of construction projects being built," said resident Carol Stern.

The end goal is to give a specific designation for every piece of property that says what its future use would be. Another public hearing will be scheduled after the "Master Plan" is drafted.

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