Rain caused delays at Gulfport Music Festival

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Gulfport Music Festival got rocking again after a bit of a hiatus from the rain. Wiz Khalifa took the stage Saturday evening to entertain thousands who turned out for this year's festival. Earlier that day however, there was no certainty that would be the case.

Mother Nature put the brakes on the concert causing delays and some of the performances had to be outright canceled.

What's the recipe for disaster to ruin a big staged music event planned months in advance? From the looks of it, just add water. The heavy rains from day one of the Gulfport Music Festival wreaked havoc on the stage. As a result, dozens of performances like the one from New Rebel Family had to be canceled.

"We came from Picayune to play you know. To see our guys rock out and it looks like we aren't going to get a chance to play. Maybe they'll slide us on to the big stage, but you never know," Band Member Jason Blocker said.

Jeremy Meeks, the Bands Frontman was also confused by the delay. Regardless of the frustrating situation he chose to remain positive and looked forward to a good show.

"They've just been working really hard to get everything setup due to the couple of delays they had. There's a really hype and intense atmosphere down on the other side of the tent waiting to get in. So it looks like it's going to be a good day overall," Meeks said,

In the end it did end up being a good day, but that couldn't happen until a secure stage could be brought in from New Orleans.

You may recall a violent gust of wind blowing a stage over in Indiana which ended with five people dead and several injured. Incidents like that remind organizers that safety is always a number one priority.

"When something like that happens it changes the way everyone works. You really want to be able to learn from those types of situations and make sure what we're doing with the City of Gulfport is done with the safety of our people, our festival goers and our workers in mind," Gulfport City spokesman Ryan LaFontaine said.

What could have been a festival-ending problem ended up being only a delay, thanks to hard work and quick thinking by organizers and stage crews.

"I think we're working pretty efficiently and we're making progress pretty fast. I'm pleased with the outcome so far. I think everyone is. We should be ready to go," LaFontaine said.

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