Jackson County local artists in need of support to help keep art alive

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - There are talented artists all across the coast and several of those folks are featured at The Jolly McCarty Art Depot in Pascagoula. The Singing River Association is inviting art lovers to take a look in the gallery and help support local artists.

When you walk into the art depot in Pascagoula you are surrounded by dozens of eye catching paintings, colorful photography, creative pottery, and unique 3-D pictures.

"It is really pretty artistry in here," art lover Bobby Rogers said.

Vicki Reynolds also has a masterpiece in the gallery.

"We have some talented people here and it is worth the public to come and see it," said artist Vicki Reynolds.

She is also the president of the Singing River Art Association made up of both seasoned and upcoming local artists.

"We also have members that go out to the community and teach classes for schools. We also give a scholarship to the junior college," said Reynolds about the association.

Reynolds helps run the gallery, which is the only one on the Gulf Coast within a historic train depot. She admits the roller coaster economy is affecting art sales and support here.

"Times are really hard right now. Our show is down a little bit this year, but everything is kind of down. With the economy, people are holding on to their money and not really splurging on artwork because that is not something you need it is something that you enjoy," said Reynolds.

Lack of support is a major worry for many who showcase their original works of art at the depot.

"Very much worried about if this keeps up we may have to close. Then that hurts your artists. That hurts your community, and it also hurts the people around you," Reynolds said.

That's why Reynolds is encouraging anyone who can support to do so, and help keep art alive.

"Whether it's a little piece. A big piece or even encouragement just to keep it going," said Reynolds.

The Singing River Art Association is currently holding a Spring Art Show at the depot until May 17. For more information call (228) 938-6752. 

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