Families create the perfect handmade gift for mom

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Mothers do a lot for their families and Mother's Day is a special day dedicated to mothers to tell them how much they are loved and appreciated.

Several students attended an art class at the Ohr O'Keefe Museum to hand craft the perfect gift for their mothers.

Curisa Messer said, "I'm making her a card with a basic design with flowers because she actually used to be a photographer and did lots of flowers and trees and nature. So I think she will really like it."

Messer said she learned at a young age a gift from the heart is better than anything you can buy.

"When I was little I made her just a terrible, terrible card and she was like 'I love it so much' and I remember getting upset saying it was so bad and she said 'I love it because you made it,'" Messer said."

Eleven-year-old Sasi Greer loves creating masterpieces for her mother.

"I make her cards," Sasi said then looked at her dad.

"She makes her all different kinds of art projects," Mike Greer said.

With the help of her father they are hoping their project will turn out to be the perfect Mother's Day present so mom will know how special she is.

"She deserves the best and I love her," Sasi said.

Rondella Gunter is trying her best to impress her mother with a handmade card.

"She couldn't be the best mother in the world. Yeah she is the best mother in the world that's for sure," Greer said.

She wanted to show her that with a one of a kind card, but also by spending the day with her.

Gunter's mother Sharon Rivard said, "She surprised me with this and I think it's wonderful to spend the day with her and do this even, though she is better at it than I am."

With the help of Stacey Johnson and her special assistant many mothers will be receiving a unique gift made with love.

"My mom is actually in the class and she took the Valentine's class so she is a pro now and is actually tag teaming with me and helping me teach the class."

We want to know what you did for your mother on Mother's Day, send a picture of your special gift or of you and your mother to pics@wlox.com.

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