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Animal shelter hit by burglary

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"A kick in the gut." It's about the only way Executive Director of Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi Elizabeth Jackson can describe the break-in at the organization's Mayes Street facility after being there for only a few months.

"They did it not only to us, they did it to these animals. These helpless animals that don't ask to be here," said Jackson.

She says the burglar left hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damage. The fence on the back side of the building where the thief came in and a roll up door were damaged. The security system was bypassed but eventually went off.

Inside, the vet tech room was ransacked and a medicine cabinet was smashed.

ARF doesn't carry controlled substances but investigators have one theory why the room was hit.

"If you have a put bull and you fight it, and you can't take it to the vet to get medicine for it, if it happens to live. So maybe they were going after antibiotics to treat their pit bulls so they could keep fighting them," Jackson explained what she heard from a Jackson police officer.

The burglar was able to avoid the security cameras in most of the building, possibly pointing to a former employee. A dishwasher and several tools were taken. The crook also tried to steal a donated refrigerator.

"We don't have any extra money. Quite often we live from one week to the next on donations," explained Jackson. "This taking away medical care. This is taking away us from being able to help more. This is taking away grime some of the things we need to do to make their life better here," she added. 

Police are investigating but no arrest has been made.

An already scheduled fundraiser will be held at Harley Davidson of Jackson on Saturday from 10:30 AM until 2:30 PM. 

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