Lots of rain causes little worry at Gulfport Music Festival

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gates for the Gulfport Music Festival officially opened at 3pm on Friday. However, people started lining up hours before to make sure they could stake out a good spot close to the stage. Crews and vendors were busy weatherproofing their equipment and making the last minute rush to get ready for the crowds.

Some music lovers said they didn't mind waiting for hours so as to not miss a minute of the performances from their favorite bands.

Kate Ashe said, "I'm looking forward to the Offspring."

WLOX News stopped by the Gulfport Music Festival around noon during a break in the rain. Vendors tried to catch up with everything they needed to do to be ready for the opening. They said a heavy morning downpour made cooking and setting up difficult.

"I got here about seven o'clock this morning and it was beautiful in the harbor," said vendor Terry Welch. "About 8:30, it changed. Come rain. Come wind. Everything fared good and we're ready to roll."

Stage hands rolled sound equipment into place taking extra precautions to make sure everything stays dry.

"These guys are pros and they came prepared and knew that was a good chance we'd get some weather. We were prepared and ready to go. Organizers are encouraging people to bring ponchos, and umbrellas. Be prepared to hear some great music."

"Some people, believe it or not, enjoy going to music festivals in these kinds of conditions," said LaFontaine. "There's others who prefer it to be bright and sunny outside, but it is what it is and that's what we're dealing with."

Kate Ashe and her friend said they weren't concerned about getting wet.

"We've got the emergency ponchos and everything. We're good. Really doesn't matter. People did it at Woodstock. Why not now?" said Ashe.

Gulfport city officials said they're not worried the muddy grounds and large crowds could hurt the grass at Jones Park. They said there have been other events here in the rain and the grass came through just fine.

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