Car slams into house, family believes speed is to blame

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - It's a bad situation that could have been even worse. Tuesday night, a car sped through a stop sign and hit another car, which then crashed into the Kinnard family's home on Ingalls Avenue in Pascagoula.

Moments before the crash, two kids were playing in the room.

"I walked to the back and I saw that his room had been pushed in," said mom, Kenyetta Kinnard. "It looked weird, so I went outside and there it was, a car through the house."

Dad Marcel Kinnard was notified moments later.

"I get a phone call and there's a car inside my house. And I don't have a garage, so it was kind of crazy," Marcel explained.

Family members say speeding is common on the street, and may have contributed to this accident, according to Marcel.

"Basically, they want to treat Ingalls Avenue as if it's NASCAR. It's a constant all day long with people speeding up and down this road."

Ironically, a speeding car took out the family mailbox three days earlier. It's now tied to a tree.

Obviously, the accident that occurred at this Ingalls Avenue home  is traumatic enough for adults, but imagine what goes through the minds of children when they see one of their bedrooms destroyed.

Kaedon is the oldest child. "I thought it was a car driving, and then somebody got out of the car and the car just drove through my room."

Kenadie is his sister. "It made me really mad. Why were you mad? Because my brother's room was broke."

Police are aware of the problem, and say because Ingalls is a four lane road, that contributes to speeding. Matt Chapman is the deputy police chief.

"I think it's a little bit more wide open and people and people tend to be able to get in and out of traffic a little bit easier and the speeds get a little bit higher," Chapman explained.

He also said they also plan on doing something.

"With any complaint, what we do is send our people out and they spot check the area, they sit in different locations and write citations if necessary."

That would be welcome relief for the Kinnard family.

Police officials also say they'll place a radar speed unit on Ingalls Avenue for a few days once the unit is repaired. The sign lets drivers know just how fast they are going.

Despite that, Marcel Kinnard says once the home is repaired, he's moving the children into bedrooms at the back of the house.

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