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Vegas jail blasted on Yelp: 'Smells like shame and Fritos'


After an extremely good, or bad, experience at a hotel or restaurant, many go online to shower praise, or shame, on a website such as Yelp.

Not only can you review your local eateries, apparently you can comment on jails as well.

The Clark County Detention Center has 10 Yelp reviews, garnering an overall rating of two out of five stars.

Reviews are scathing, others humorous, such as, "Smells like shame and fritos."

Metro police said they found it a little humorous as well, but the department was quick to point out life at the CCDC isn't as bad as some reviewers stated.

"People need to remember you're eating three square meals a day for free," said Sgt. John Sheahan. "You get your clothes provided to you for free. You get to walk around in slippers all day for free, and you get to network and meet new and interesting people while you're there."

FOX 5 went to the streets for a firsthand account of life on the inside. We chatted with inmates of the CCDC as they checked out.

"The food is barely edible," said one woman. "The only thing edible is the dessert."

Another female rated her stay, "3.5 stars." But when asked if she'd be willing to come back the woman replied, "No, I would try to not do that."

So will Metro be changing its policies in light of what's being posted on Yelp?

"Despite the reviews, we're very happy the way we run our detention center," said Sheahan.

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