Coast band KABOOM! making serious waves

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's the refreshing sounds of accomplished front-man Dustin Khalil and his newest band, which just won Hard Rock's International Rising Contest here at home.

Kaboom also placed 1st in America and 3rd in the world in online voting.

Together just eight months, Dustin Khalil's newest band Kaboom is making serious waves in the local music scene with an already large, loyal following. Fan Julie Dixon doesn't miss a show.

"I love these guys, they are amazing," Dixon said. "They're just like real feel good, real uplifting, almost spiritual."

Front man Dustin Khalil has been with incredibly talented lead guitarist Steven Mills since they were kids. That's easy to tell by their perfect harmonies. Kaboom is their fourth, and perhaps final band.

"I would say this is the best line up, I've had so far," Khalil said.

And that's saying a lot. Dustin Khalil's self titled band won 4th place last year in the Global Hard Rock Rising International contest. Kaboom's original sounds are described as "refreshing" and easy to love with Khalil's warm vocal tones to match the depth of his writing.

It is a huge part of who he is and he says way better than any form of therapy.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I would describe the process as when I go a certain period of time without doing it, I almost feel sick."

Along with their original sound is an original look, called "Steam Punk." This Victorian retro-style is picking up steam across the U.S. among young adults known for being studious, but cool.

"Steam punk is not a genre of music, it's a sub genre of science fiction. It's sort of like what would have happened if future technology would have been present when the steam power was prevalent, which would have been the late 1800s."

They call Drummer Scot Andersen the human metronome, known for his perfect, almost machine-like timing. He and long time bass player Ben Kaufman clicked with Khalil's sound from day one.

"The energy we pull off of each other is the most I've ever felt playing with people," Kaufman said. "Dustin's had a very large following for a very long time. That's why it's such an honor and blast for me just to kind of step in and learn the material and be a part of all this."

For Khalil, it is a priceless expression of his passion for his most beloved art: Music.

"It's pretty much what I live for, it's basically, those are the best moments of my life."

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