Michelle Lady's Q&A with Diamondhead GOP mayoral primary winner

WLOX Reporter Michelle Lady interviews Tommy Schafer.
WLOX Reporter Michelle Lady interviews Tommy Schafer.

DIAMONDHEAD, MS (WLOX) - The City of Diamondhead is one step closer to electing a mayor. Republican candidate Tommy Schafer won the primary election with 56 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Chuck Ingraham had 38 percent of the vote and Republican Carl Necaise took six percent of the vote.

Michelle Lady caught up with Tommy Schafer shortly after he claimed the primary victory and had a Q&A with him.

Tommy tell me a little bit about how it feels to claim the primary election?

"It feels great Michelle thank you very much," Schafer said. "It was a long election, it got a little rocky, but we have another election on June 4th the general election but we look forward to that and are ready to move Diamondhead forward in a very positive manner."

There are a lot of things on people's minds especially just becoming a city one thing is taxes. Tell me how you feel about taxes and what you want to see done.

"We are going to focus on needs verse wants," Schafer said. "We are going to scale down expenditures, scale down expense side of the budget, maintain revenues and work with the Property Owners Association to avoid duplications and hopefully create a much better fiscal situation for the whole community."

Another thing on people's mind is when it comes to the police department what do you want to see done with the police department?

"Our police department right now is working fantastic, we have a great relationship with Sheriff Ricky Adam and the entire sheriff's department has supported us fantastically," Schafer said. "They solved the bank robbery in very quick time across state lines and we are going to continue that inter local agreement if we have anything to say about it and I hope we do. We will provide excellent law enforcement for our community."

Lastly what do you want to say to those who voted for you?

"Thank you very much, I couldn't have done it without you," Schafer said. "We have one more to win, let's keep it going."

Tommy Schafer will face off Independent candidate John Fletcher in the general election in June.

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