Broomfield beats Moss Point mayoral incumbent Aneice Liddell

Billy Broomfield
Billy Broomfield

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - State Representative Billy Broomfield has beaten incumbent Aneice Liddell in the Moss Point mayoral race. Broomfield now faces Independent Dobbs Dennis and John Moseley Jr. in the June General Election.

In the unofficial election results in Tuesday's primaries, Broomfield received 1,492 and Liddell--1,109.

"I'm feeling very good. I'm feeling very blessed. God has been good to be me over my career. And God has sustained me through all these processes. And I'm just excited that the people of Moss Point are willing to except the kind of leadership that I've developed in the legislature to bring home to Moss Point to take it to the next level," Broomfield said.

With the relationships he's garnered in the legislature Broomfield says he hopes to bring economic development to the City of Moss Point.

"I've managed for over 22 years in the legislature to meet some very fine people who are CEOs and presidents and vice presidents of companies who have said once we win the election they'd be willing to come in and help Moss Point to get to the next level with economic development. And as you know that's going be the main shot in the are for Moss Point because we don't have an equitable tax base," he said.

Broomfield says Moss Point's lack of an equitable tax base has caused the tax burden to fall on the homeowners.

"My job along with our staff and the aldermen will be to take that burden off the homeowners. Bring in economic development and put people to work," Broomfield said. "The mayor did a good job, but I think I won because of the experiences I've gained in this process. And because of the long outreach that I've been able to establish around this country with people who can help this city."

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