People Speak Out On New President

The journey to the White House has ended for George W. Bush on Saturday as he was sworn in Saturday as America's 43rd president.

In his inauguration speech, President Bush pledged to lead with civility, courage, compassion and character. Despite the rain, thousands of supporters and protesters lined Pennsylvania Avenue as the new president's procession made its way from the Capitol to the White House. Some people on the coast aren't sure what the new administration will mean to the country.

"I don't think he'll make too much difference, because they've got the 50-50 of Democrats and Republicans in the senate," New Orleans Calvin John Minor Sr. said.  " I believe the congress has the power. They're the ones that really govern the country."

"I don't think we'll see too much change," Gus Holmes of Gulfport said.  "It will be politics as normal."

"I think that he'll try to bring both parties together and hopefully unify the country," Bobby Shurden of Gulfport said.

It seems many people are still making up their minds about Bush.  Luckily for the president he has four years to try to prove himself.

by Danielle Thomas