Pascagoula mom mourns son lost in river accident

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Doris Rich and her family have been filled with unrelenting grief since getting word her son, Brandon, was involved in a terrible accident on the Pascagoula River.

"My heart just hurts me so bad. That is my baby and I just want him," Doris Rich said about her son.

This heartbroken mom said the teenager asked if he could go swimming Sunday and she said, 'No' because of the crazy weather and choppy waters. The teenager ended up going anyway and things took a tragic turn.

"My Brandon was a scaredy child. I can't understand why he was out doing something he has never done before with people he has never been with besides football practice and school," Rich said.

Rich said what's even more painful is the Pascagoula High Senior was weeks away from getting his diploma.

"He was very determined and he just had so much going for him. He was a very, very respectful child."

Brandon was also known as a top athlete around town with big dreams of college. He was planning to attend Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in the fall. In fact, he'd recently signed to play football there.

"He went from football, to basketball, to track; he worked out every day trying to get bigger so we can go to college," Rich said.

Now this mom, who is so proud of her son's accomplishments, must do the unthinkable: Say goodbye.

"How do I go on? I have three other kids, but it's still a void. If you knew Brandon, you would know why it's just a void."

An account has been set up at Regions Bank in Brandon Rich's name. Anyone wishing to help the family can go to any branch and make a deposit.

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