Improvements on the way for I-110 loop in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The I-110 loop area in Biloxi will be getting some improvements soon.

At Monday morning's Board of Supervisors meeting, Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman announced the county has received a $500,000 federal transportation grant for the Gateway Improvement Project.

It is the "gateway" to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for many tourists and visitors.  The I-110 loop is that busy interchange that connects the interstate with the beachfront Highway bringing people into the heart of Biloxi.

"These funds are approved up to $500,000 in federal transportation enhancement funds," Supervisor Swetman told his fellow board members.

He's worked in the past on landscaping and beautification of that area and says this will allow even more improvements.

"I envision these monies for several things. One: beautification of the I-110 bridge coming down from the loop. Two: pedestrian pathways through there, as well as landscaping and additional beautification in that area," said Swetman.

There are existing sidewalks on both sides of the elevated I-110, just north of the loop, but they are unkempt and seldom used. Supervisor Swetman said with some things like new lighting and other enhancements, they could become more pedestrian friendly.

"They'll see it. They'll feel comfortable, they'll feel safe. We'll put rest rooms in there," he explained.

News of the landscaping and beautification award for the I-110 loop may simply be a prelude to something much bigger. Supervisor Swetman hinted at a major economic development project also coming soon.

"I'll just say this part. There's another big announcement that's going to come that's going to be a part of these funds as well," he told the board, "And these funds could not have come at a better time for the people of Harrison County and the City of Biloxi."

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