Saving our sisters summit gears up with mother daughter tea

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With their tea in hand and top hats on, young ladies from throughout the coast enjoyed an elegant afternoon with their family and friends on Sunday.

"It's an eye opening experience because you would think a lot of our young women would know the proper etiquette of how to sit. How to use the proper utensils. What they're called. What they're used for. When they don't and they're having the opportunity to be a part of something like this. It's almost like a kid in a candy store," Participant Lywanda White said.

The Almanett was completely transformed for the whimsical event, and the young girls seemed to love every minute of it. Dozens of mothers, daughters, sisters and friends came together for the bonding experience. The idea was to promote positive values and exposes the children to what the event's overseers described as a mindset of higher standards.

"Why not get these young girls involved in that high standard? Help them understand and raise their standard. Or at the very least have an understanding of what that standard is. I've got a little girl myself so it's like you want them to know the best. It's almost like starting them off at the top and working their way up," Tabari Daniels, of JZ 94.5 said.

Each year Saving Our Sisters draws the coast's young women to one location. Showcasing an array of speakers and entertainers. Each promoting the idea of being the best you can be. This year the event is expanding to include young men with a Brother to Brother summit as well.

"Brother to Brother, we did it back in 2008 and its been on hiatus. We're finally infusing the two and it's past due. Anytime we can do community things. Bringing the young people in here. It's great. This is a good platform for it," Almanett Manager, Michael Daniels said.

In bringing both male and females together, organizers are hoping to teach them to make better choices together. While also creating an environment for each of them to learn and bond with one another.

"We're finally incorporating both males and females. I'm looking forward to seeing how they react together. It's one thing to be able to teach each of them individually, but then we have to bring them together so they know how to make better choices as one," White said.

This is the 6th Annual Youth Summit. It's completely open to everyone and free of change. The event kicks off next Saturday at 8 a.m. at the Coast Coliseum.

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